Our Team

Ben Wright

Ben is the founder of Ben-efit

As a Personal Trainer, he is involved extensively in the training of athletes for sports such as cycling, football and athletics.

Ben specialises in advanced training techniques, postural realignment and nutrition.


Ben is frequently asked to write training plans for charities such as “London to Paris” cycling events and is widely regarded as “The Bike Whisperer” when it comes to improving your cycling.


He is known for training world class athletes and also for his success in the rehabilitation of people from severe illness and injury.


With over 25 years of experience Ben has the knowledge to provide a full range of treatments and therapies, tailored to your needs.


Ben’s areas of expertise:

  •          Advanced training and coaching techniques

  •          Postural realignment

  •          Pain relief

  •          Nutrition

  •          Bike-fit

  •          Strength and conditioning

  •          Rehabilitation

  •          Interpretation of fitness data

  •          Personal training

At Ben-efit we always like to stay 1 step ahead, we use the latest technology to analyse data from a variety of different sources. This allows us to increase your performance significantly.

Please watch the YouTube clip below to see how we could improve your performance more than you ever felt was possible.

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Edd Hyde

We are now working in collaboration with Ed Hyde, who is Alex Dowsett's Strength & Conditioning coach.

He works with some of the worlds best athletes and has been instrumental in their success.

We have just launched a Strength and Conditioning plan for Cyclists and Triathletes.

This includes a range of movement assessment, with Ed instructing you how to lift correctly and a fully tailored training plan, based entirely on your specific needs.

Not anyone else's!


This is NOT a generic plan.

You will see huge gains in strength, range of movement and speed.

His love for his work is infectious, he is a really great human being and will inspire you to do great things.

He is also an athlete, in his own right and understands the rigors of trying to fit a training regime around a busy life.

You can see some of the athletes that Ed has worked with at:


For more information, please call:


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Remy Sancto

Remy is a legend within sporting circles, having worked with everyone who is anyone within Elite Sports.

During the past year, she has worked with some of The Great Britain Olympic Hockey Squad and The England Rugby Team.

Remy is an accomplished athlete herself and comes from a hockey background, having played at county level and is also well renowned dancer too.

She has just completed her Masters in Sports Rehabilitation at Twickenham.

Remy will be available for bookings on Fridays initially, but will, over time, increase the number of days she does with us.

Please feel free to book in via


You can also book Remy on: 07715872382

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