The Importance Of Accuracy During A Bikefit

Good Evening Beautiful People, Strap in for this one, because if you're into numbers, data and accuracy of fit, then this one's for you! If not... Look away now! 🤣🤣🤣 I've been using a device called Leomo for around 4 years and it helps me with data capture in the real world. The reason that this is important, is that a cyclist will move differently indoors, on a static trainer or a jig, to how they move when riding their bike on the road. Leomo allows us to capture data from the rider, as they ride their bike outside and we can compare before and after data. The rider has accelerometers attached to their feet, knees and lower back and the data is captured on a computer that sits on the handlebars. Below is the Leomo data capture, from before the fit, to after the fit. Foot AR is the angle the foot moves within the pedal stroke and if their is difference between Left and right, it is an indication that the rider is not balanced on the bike. Again with Leg AR, it is important that the 2 legs are as close as they can be, in terms of degrees. DSS is the Dead Spot Score, or the areas that the rider is not producing power or "Drive" The rider in the case below was leaning to one side, in this case due to a postural leg length discrepancy. Once this was corrected, he was then perfectly balanced. If you've made it this far, go and have a cup of tea for 2 mins, because there's more! 😉 In picture 1 (Before the fit) we can see that the DSS is 7.1 Left Foot and 16 on the Right foot. Those big blue blobs represent areas where they is no drive or power. Foot AR difference between left and right feet is 7° and the Leg AR difference is 3°. In other words, he is not balanced. In picture 2 (After the fit) we can see that the DSS is 1.8 Left and 3.2 on the right. The DSS is significantly better, with much less blue blobs. The difference between Foot AR is less than 0.3°. The Leg AR is 0.7°. This means the rider is now perfectly balanced. You can also see a significant reduction in Pelvic Rotation and Pelvic Rock. The tolerances that we fit people to are less than 1° of the total amount of movement that both the feet and the legs rotate through. The accuracy of our bikefits now is unlike anything else that is currently available. For more information, please follow the links and thank you for reading all the way to the bottom! Ben x @bikefitben #bikefitben Tel: 07718088272

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