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So it’s been a few weeks since I had my bike fit with Ben. I’ve been trying to get a few rides in before writing this review. I cannot emphasise how absolutely amazing my bike feels, it’s literally like riding a new bike. I’ve had a bike fit in the past and they have never been able to rectify my problems. My bike had never felt right, despite several visits back and forth to the previous fitter.

I contacted Ben Wright earlier in the year to discuss my issues and he instantly filled me with confidence. I had to wait a few months for the appointment, but I was always made aware if a cancellation became available.

The day finally arrived and WOW what a day it was. From the moment I walked into the studio I was made to feel welcome. The day went at a nice relaxed pace with plenty of tea breaks, loads of bike chat and plenty of cake.

Ben’s knowledge and attention to detail is unbelievable! He doesn’t miss anything. Most of my issues were with my feet. He set me up with a set of Sidas custom foot beds. This has literally transformed my cycle shoes into the most comfortable shoes I own on and off the bike.

As the day went on Ben made  small adjustments and tweaks while I was cycling on the setup jig. I was amazed at how comfortable he got me feeling on the bike by adding custom insoles, finding the prefect cleat position and fitting the correct size saddle.

We finished the day going through breathing and pedalling techniques  whilst using the Watt Bike. This was a good opportunity to put the days new skills into practice. I was amazed in the difference to how I arrived in the morning as to how I left in the evening. I learnt so much throughout the day and finished the day absolutely buzzing.

I’m gonna safely say Ben is the best in the business and this is the best investment a cyclist can make. If you are looking to enhance your cycling or just get more comfortable then spend some money on a proper bike fit you will not be disappointed.

Massive thanks to Ben and the team, you’re doing a great job!

Alan, Kent

Oct 2022

If bike-fitting is part art, part science, then Ben-efit is the beautiful love-child of Michelangelo and Issac Newton. Ben is a both an expert in, and student of his craft. His knowledge of physiology and bio-mechanics - as they apply to cycling - is only matched by his dedication to continue improving what he does for his clients - both from a product and process point of view (check out the new multi-point camera system in the studio). Throw in advice on everything from race craft and breathing to pedalling efficiency and equipment choice and you almost have the full package: the package IS completed with a sprinkling of anecdotes from his race career, witty allegory on any subject you care to name over copious cups of tea and a dedication to not leaving until the client is happy (and in my case that ended up being VERY late at night!). It was a pleasure to spend umpteen hours in Ben's company and many, many considerably more comfortable hours in the saddle since. He is a gent and a scholar.


August 2022

What can I say. What an amazing experience. What goes on at Ben-efit should stay at Ben-efit, else everyone will be smashing their PRs. Ben is a combination of PT, breathing coach and genius bike fitter (he told me to say that) bordering on mystic at times.

What a fantastic day with Ben, I learnt loads and I’m already noticing vast improvements plus I know what to look out for to refine the fit.

Ben has tremendous support in Emma and Dave. Everyone helping to make lasting moments. I can’t recommend Ben highly enough.



August 2022

I thought I would start this review by explaining how I came to have a bike fit as it may resonate with others who find themselves in a similar position to myself when I was contemplating a ‘fit’, but who may feel a little apprehensive. Covid and the subsequent lock downs changed the ‘norm’ and still continues to impact but one benefit to come from it, from a personal point of view, was the dusting down of the trusty steed from the garage and a dipping of the toe back into the world of cycling.

I invested in an indoor smart trainer and signed up to world of Zwift (along with many others no
doubt). I quickly got the bug for fitness again and started to look at various different aspects of
cycling. After countless hours of exploring virtual worlds, I progressed to undertaking some of the specific work out plans in an effort to improve performance. This then led me to start thinking about my entire set up and how I was interacting with the bike. Was I in the correct position? Was I getting the most power out for the effort I was putting in? Being a complete amateur cyclist, I really had no idea of the answers and started searching the options for a potential fit.
I came across ‘Ben-efit’ bike fit from a web search and decided to pick up the phone. Before the call, I was apprehensive as I thought that perhaps a specialist fit was the preserve of professionals or the serious weekend warriors. As soon as I started talking to Ben and began to explain my current riding he completely set me at ease. He explained fully what would take place on the day and made me feel that I would be extremely welcome to attend a bike fit with him. In fact, I think he quite likes to see amateurs like me (us) attend as we are keen to learn the process and see the fantastic results that follow from the day. Initial reservations assuaged I booked the appointment and eagerly awaited the day itself.

You will be treated to a very warm welcome from Ben and his partner and they really take time to
get to know both you as a person and your current cycling habits. This starts over a friendly chat
accompanied by a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and cakes. Ben then takes some detailed
measurements and your bike fit journey begins. He looks at your current set up and then analyses your current riding style. You will see how efficient you are with you pedal stroke, how your cleat position is and whole plethora of other data and positions that he will explain to you. You get to see all this real time on the screen and it’s enlightening to see what a difference can me made when Ben starts to work his magic with the tweaks to the bike position.

The before and after results are amazing – you will be more comfortable, you will be more efficient and you will be generating more power. You’ll get your results emailed to you so you can see the difference in printed form and this can then be used if you ever contemplate buying another bike – you have the perfect fit to ensure you buy the correct size etc. A day with Ben is more than just the fit though, he will take you through a host of breathing techniques to cater for different types of effort and he will show you some very useful stretching exercises to help you manage your flexibility and try and stay injury free. There is a lot to take in but once the day is finished, you get access to the members’ area of his website where there are instructional videos that demonstrate all the breathing and stretching that was gone through on the day. A very useful tool to have to look back on. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of the day. Ben is very welcoming, very easy to talk to and the insight you get behind the science of a fit is fascinating. I left the day enlightened by the experience and it really sparked my interest in the bike fitting process. I am lucky to have revisited Ben a couple of times since the original fit as I have now sourced through him custom made insoles to provide even further comfort for my rides. I should stress since my original fit process he has now sourced some even more Gucci equipment – 3D motion cameras that capture your entire cycling movements and you can see exactly how you entire limbs move as you go through the cycling motion. I mean he is good with his own eyes but this stuff takes it to another level altogether. Am tempted to go back just so I can see what mine are doing.!
In short, if you are contemplating a fit – don’t go anywhere else!! You get a whole day with Ben not
just a few hours. It’s a brilliant experience and Ben quite rightly takes immense satisfaction from the results he sees after his days input with you. Just remember to make use of his tea making skills and eat his cakes as well as enjoying the fit process.

Matt, Kent

Sept 2021

We have a long list of very happy customers......

I had my bike fit on Tuesday and have to say what a fantastic experience it was with Ben . The bike fit, pedal and breathing techniques are second to none, his professionalism and experience on anything to do with riding a bike are worth more than the price you pay. If you want to ride with more comfort and speed Ben is your man


May 2021

After COVID cancelled a number of visits, I was finally able to see Ben when he was allowed to re open. I really enjoyed my fit which lasted from 9-6 and left no stone unturned. Ben has great attention to detail and we looked at every aspect of me on the bike and made a few tweaks here and there. We also did off bike exercises/assessments too. After a few weeks in the new position on the bike I feel great. Anyone thinking of getting a bike fit, I would recommend you go and see Ben. He also keeps you topped up with tea and cake


May 2021


Bit late in my review but thought it beneficial to give a rounded review after a month or so of riding.

What can I say. I’ve had a few bike fits here and there in the past but nothing as in depth and personalised as the services Ben provides. A whole day fitting concentrating on the fitness principles and techniques of cycling through to fitting of two bikes (Road and TT).

The BIGGEST surprise was seeing an increase in my FTP almost instantly. No gimmicks here. Back to basics and breaking down step by step each and every part of your pedal stroke, posture and breathing from someone that’s ACTUALLY been there, done it and got the T-shirt in Cycling.

All analysis was sent to me same day along with new measurements should I need to refer back. Nice touch.

Yea you can go to your local bike shop for £50 but if you’re serious about taking the next step in your cycling/ racing or just want a proper fit and guidance, then Ben-efit Bikefit Studio is well worth the money.

There is also lots of coffee and cake!


November 2020

I’ve recently had a a bike fit with Ben and I can honestly say It was a hugely enjoyable day with lots of great conversation and a massive wealth of knowledge from ben (he really knows his stuff) you do truly get a in-depth bike fit there will be no stone left unturned and you will learn a lot. Great way to improve your bike and yourself .


October 2020

I had a bike fit yesterday with Ben and can honestly say it was well worth it! After spend a lot of money of a bike, I was left quite disappointed by its comfort. It was a chore to get out on it.  I done a good bit of research and found Ben-efit.  I called Ben and had a normal chat about what to expect and booked myself in.  he has managed to turn my uncomfortable bike into a well worn-in arm chair that I just want to ride all the time! My pedalling efficency and power output has also increased! His knowledge of cycling is unreal-he has probably forgotten more than I will ever remember! he taught me a series of breathing techniques that blew my mind in how effective they are! All of this along with copious amount if coffee and a good laugh made it a great day! hesitate no more and get yourself booked is well worth the wait! Thanks for a great day Ben!


October 2020

I recently had a bike fit from Benjamin Wright and all I can say is if your going to spend £2k+ on a bike then you must get it fitted properly or you are never going to realise the benefits. To say I have seen some dramatic improvements in my riding efficiency, style and performance is an understatement in the 500 miles I ridden since the fit. Someone once told me that always buy the best suit you can afford but if you can’t buy bespoke then at least go go a good tailor and get it tailored! Ben is the best ‘bike tailor’ I have used and I’ve tried a few! Ben is an ex-pro rider and physiotherapist who has worked with lots of top teams and riders. Ben literally retaught me how to peddle more effectively which after 40 years riding was quite a revelation. After adjusting my position on the bike, undergoing a postural analysis and given a programme to address the muscle imbalances, advice on riding style and technique, advice and guidance on breathing techniques to dramatically improve recovery from hard efforts and prior to making them, I have seen my peddling efficiency scores improve from around 30 in zone 2 (quite normal apparently!) to 68 with average improvements in power outputs for the same perceived effort over over 20 watts! I’ve seen my FTP increase by 25 watts! You really do get the complete tailoring package with one of Ben’s bike fits of rider, bike and efficiency. The fact that he will set up two of your bikes as part of the package is another big advantage. I can not recommend Ben highly enough if you really are serious about your cycling and want to get the best from your pride and joy or just simple to enjoy riding your bike more comfortably with less effort....and you get to drink coffee and eat cake all day swapping stories with an ex-professional rider!


August 2020

I saw one of Ben's adverts for 'the most advanced bike fit on offer' on Facebook. Ben followed up a comment I left on his post and jumped on my case. Before I'd even offered him a penny, or any commitment he was trying to solve my cleat problems over the phone and offering a free video alignment. Ben spent about 3 hours on the phone to me, explaining what was wrong (and it turned out to be completely correct) before telling me how to fix it.

We then went on to arrange an appointment which was hindered by lockdown. Ben wasted no time in booking me in for the first day after lockdown I could make (6th of July).

Despite the protective equipment and social distancing, Ben made both me and my dad feel at home for the day. He let my dad set up his mobile office in his corner suite and offered us proper coffee on tap throughout the day. I started the appointment with a pedalling efficiency of 31 and ended the day with a pedalling efficiency of 73, increasing my FTP by at least 15% and my zone 2 by approximately 30% as promised. He fitted my race bike and time trial bike as well as two pairs of shoes and cleats.

It was a great day of talking bikes and definitely worth the 4 hour return journey.  Ben is the perfect guy for anybody who wants to get the most out of their cycling.


July 2020

I'd done a lot of research before deciding to book my fit with Benjamin, you see this is my 4th bike fit in 5 years. Ben has a great personality and its really easy to talk to him about everything in life and not just bikes! Needless to say we finally got to the bike stuff, I talked Ben through my issues and how I felt I hadn't been looked after properly before with bike fits.

After numerous phone calls and messages between us, the day had finally arrived, I turned up at the studio with my road bike and my TT bike, we sat down and had a chat... Ben listened and listened and listened to everything about my life and then about my bike fit experiences and the issues I was having.

We spent the first hour learning about my currently pedaling style using some cool tech on the road and in a studio as well as diving into Bens visual experience, Ben made some adjustments to my cleats and asked me to change my pedaling technique and we worked on this along with a few adjustments to saddle height, fore aft and stem adjustments to stop my body from rocking so much. We then moved on to my body and all of the stretching I should be doing to alleviate some issues.

We ended up spending around 10hrs on my road bike, chatting and lunch (provided by Bens awesome partner).... Ben asked if I wanted to continue a few hours longer so we could set my TT bike up but we decided it was best to book another day for that.

2 weeks and loads of whatsapps in between discussing my position and feedback from rides and how Ben can make some adjustments to get it right. I turned up with both my bikes again, spent a few hours making more adjustments to the road bike and then moved onto the TT bike, we spent time going over the same things we did with my road bike, pedaling technique, body position, head position, ideas on new helmets to get more aero, ideas on possible new saddles and how to get the front end more aero.

Ben never tries to sell you anything, ever, just suggests things that may work for you and if he has it available, he lets you try it out.

After all of this, pretty much two full day sessions and countless whatsapps and phonecalls, before and after each session, i'm incredibly happy with my experience with Ben @ Ben-efit.

Ben is an absolute fountain of knowledge on nutrition, body physiology, bike fits, bike riding, the pro world and loads of other random stuff we spoke about too lol!

I'm really looking forward to lockdown being over so we can get out for a bike ride, i'll bring the cake!


June 2020

Pre Covid Bike Fun

I had been booked for a bike fit with Ben and was looking forward to it. Following conversations over the phone we had agreed a date. This was post falling from a roof and hitting the chimney on the way down = fractured ribs and as the male race does ignoring symptoms and ending up with bacterial pneumonia.

Ben talked me into staying with cycling as I was going to throw it in for fine wine and food. He was adamant that he could make a difference with me riding both my TT and road bikes. After some covert research I found out Ben was pretty handy on the bike and made a damm good brew. The brew sealed it!

So from the mountains of Norfolk to the big smoke we went.

The subject ie me definitely a veteran. Ex rower, triathlete and cyclist through the years and having had bike fits in the past including a CDA assessment which was interesting. I was hoping for comfort and a sustained performance on both bikes. Add into the equation my job as a sports physiotherapist for goodness knows how long and having developed an eye for movement patterns in various sports I was looking forward to seeing what Ben would see in the old body. I don't think I mentioned that bit sorry Ben!

Cycling is unique in the manner that you have a symmetrical machine the bike and you put an asymmetrical object on it, a human being. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and rarely is the human race symmetrical.

Step onto the stage Ben. Ben will watch you move right from the start how you stand sit and generally move about. Following a comprehensive review of your movement we move onto the Watt bike for some pedalling techniques although apparently Ben did say I was the pedaller du charme( not so sure) but my watts improved 25 - 30 watts!

Now it was time to see if the asymmetry of the body comes out on the bike itself and it does.

The bike fitting industry has become very generalised with mathematical models and machines which has lead to almost standardized methods but the experienced eye can pick this up. To the inexperienced fitter the machines back up what they thought they saw.

The contact points pedals, saddle were adjusted and onto the front end. Adjustments made and it already felt much more comfortable sustainable.

Holding a better position with improved power.

It's hard to quantify improvement you may increase in power fantastic but where the improvement is is in the neurological system. Pain will tell the body to slow down. With the asymmetry of the body becoming more symmetrical on the symmetrical bicycle your neurological system doesn't kick in therefore your ability for endurance rises. That's what you feel when you are riding,  this feels great sustainable. Your position is improved therefore more aero and we all know about the benefits of being aero.

Some breathing exercises and the final fine tuning on both bikes all done the result was one rejuvenated cyclist chomping at the bit to begin some serious training. Then Covid hit no racing!

Six weeks later the proof in the pudding is a 15 watt improvement in FTP and sustainable power, comfort in a fantastic position.

There is truth in the saying that from 90% to 100% is hard to obtain but this is where a very experienced person such as Ben comes to the forefront. By far the best bike fitter and understanding of body mechanics on the bike I have come across and he makes a great cup of tea!

I’ve had a fantastic day today with Ben from Ben-efit, such a professional who makes you feel at home from the off.

We covered pedal stroke efficiency, breathing, stretching and of course the bike fit itself, I’ve not done one before (he could tell!) but I’m sure most bike fits don’t usually include looking at posture and breathing techniques to help on the bike! Posture was the main one for me and I have four stretches to work on which will help me push on. I’d highly recommend spending some time getting things right so you know the training for the summer is well spent.

Plus, what’s not to like when talking bikes all day!


June 2020

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